Seapup (48KB)Want to see your bike displayed on my photo pages free of charge? Either crash in front of me or get to the front of the pack, slowpoke! Seriously, I'm not a professional photographer. I have a more-than-full-time job as a computer systems architect. I don't get paid for maintaining this Web-site. I host this section for your entertainment and for the purposes of promoting motorcycle roadracing, MARRC and MARRC's supporters. When I'm not on the track with you, I'm usually on a turn cornerworking. I try to shoot photos at most MARRC-related events while keeping my priorities in mind. My number one priority is doing my MARRC job well, which ensures your safety. Getting good shots takes a back seat. Sometimes, MARRC duties preclude me from getting any shots at all (stop crashing so much!). I try not to compete with professional photographers who pay fees to shoot at the track. If you are interested in having me shoot your bike, contact me in person at the track (E-mail won't do). All I ask is that you prominently display MARRC stickers on your race bike. You can obtain free MARRC stickers from the MARRC info booth located adjacent to the Winner's Circle at Summit Point Raceway.

Take me to the MARRC Web site...If you are interested in having your racing profile/resume displayed here free of charge, send me an . There's no better way to serve your sponsors. Major Web-search sites such as AltaVista will catalog your profile along with your sponsors' keywords. What's the catch? It's simple. You must be a member of the Mid-Atlantic Roadracing Club (MARRC). MARRC is a purely volunteer organization that is chartered by the State of Virginia as a not-for-profit entity. Additional MARRC information can be found on the MARRC Web site at

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